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I'm teaching watercolor and would love to see you in my classes. Just follow the links below to learn more!


Skillshare class: Watercolor with me - Zebra striped Butterfly

In this class I´ll show you my process of painting a unique and creative butterfly in watercolor. You will learn watercolor techniques and how to create depth and contrast in your piece.

I´ll give you many helpful tips on how to achieve a great result.

My goal after this class is that you´ll be able to paint your own creative butterfly as well as incorporate your new knowledge into other projects.

Start learning today!

Watercolor Summit

Have you ever wanted to create a realistic looking animal with watercolors? In my class, you´ll learn how to use paint to convey shadow and light, sheen, depth, and dimension, and apply these skills to a beautifully realistic giraffe!

My class is one out of 8 different classes, covering watercolor and gouache, that you´ll get when you purchase the Watercolor Summit 2.0 Gouche Edition.

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